The Allbirds Dasher is the first performance running shoe from the brand that’s better known for its sustainable fashion footwear. It’s made from materials – including a sugar-cane-based EVA midsole foam, a eucalyptus-tree fibre upper and merino wool lining – which Allbirds says reduces the shoe’s carbon footprint by 30% against your regular running shoes.

It joins existing sustainable running shoes like the Adidas Futurecraft Loop 2, Veja Condor and Vivobarefoot Primus Lite 2 Bio on the eco-friendly shelves, but the big question is: how does it perform on the run? We’ve put in the miles to find out if a planet-friendly shoe can rival some of the bigger brand shoes – like the Nike React Infinity Run – for performance. Here’s our detailed AllBirds Dasher review.

And apologies for the slight crackle on the audio. We’ve sacked the sound person.

Jump straight into the details…
@0:50 – The sustainable running shoe challenge, the brands and shoes leading the way
@2:32 – The AllBirds Dasher’s eco-credentials and claims
@7:28 – What you need to know about the Dasher
@12:43 – How’s the fit?
@14:48 – What’s the AllBirds Dasher like to run in?
@19:27 – Should you buy them?

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38 comentarios en «Allbirds Dasher Review: Sustainable running shoes to rival Nike React Infinity Run»
  1. What's your take on sustainable running? Would you pay a more for a shoe that performs on a par but is better for the planet? Do you think about the eco-credentials of the footwear you buy? Would you be willing to sacrifice a little on performance knowing you're leaving a lighter environmental footprint? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

  2. It's deceiving because the allbirds don't look heavy yet 319g is heavy for a running shoe imo, I like the look of shoes but just can't live with the one piece booty style, Ultraboost is the worst bootystyle shoe I have worn and infinity run is almost livable but how do the Allbirds compare in midsole softness/density/response/bounce & energy return?

  3. you guys reviews are always the best! may I ask you an opinion? I work in a store and I have to stay up /walking the whole day. I am rn using Adidas nmd r 1 and they are fine for it and also my workout sessions. Since I care about planet and I like the idea of these recycled they work well for standing up the whole day? thanks

  4. I have their original shoes and I love them. Had them for years and just changed the insoles. I saw these and ordered them. It's really amazing how they're good runners and they're new company

  5. Are they good for runners with wide feet? I love running however I always stick to new balances because they offer better styles not to mention those style come in wide sizes. Thanks and great review

  6. Great review. I think I saw their store on Seattle a year ago. Asked them about their "runners" and they did that's just they call shoes in Europe. Guess they decided to make actual running shoes.

  7. Hi! I've really enjoyed previous allbirds shoes and love the idea of having a more sustainable running shoe. However, I'm gently training my way up to a marathon, so I want to make sure that my next pair of shoes are up to the task. Do you reckon these shoes will hold up for longer distance runs?

  8. Thanks for this detailed review. I think the length of the video is just fine, I prefer to learn something real world and in-depth instead of just a few minute "hands on"…The experience and detail presented is what gives the review its value. Thanks again! I'm looking into new running shoes and I'd love to go for Allbirds, but I suffer from inborn knee pain so I might need to look somewhere else unfortunately 🙁 thanks for pointing the firmness out, though! I wish they had something on par with Adidas Boosts or Brooks Levitate…Does anyone know about something more sustainable and yet still quite cushioned, please?

  9. I try to buy sustainable activewear since it’s something I can’t get used. I have had regular Allbirds for 2 years, have washed them several times, and they are still great, so I came to watch your reviews for the runners. Thanks! This was a great review.

  10. Kieran…great review (and to my knowledge, the only one on YouTube on the Dashers so far)…I’m a larger guy at 6’6”, 250 and currently in the UltraBoost 19…I wouldn’t say I’m an avid runner, I’ve actually been going on more long walks during this pandemic…do you think the cushioning in the Dasher would be enough for me or would you stick with the Boost cushioning? Like the sustainability factor of the birds but to Adidas credit, they’re using a lot of recycled materials for their UltraBoost line

  11. what is the point of that kick-back?
    i can only imagine it would feel like skis, in that it puts pressure on your patellar tendon when you lean back.
    the foot/heel is not designed that way, why wear a shoe with such a large portion sticking out at the back?
    i feel the heel should not protrude past the natural ending of your heel. ergonomically you're asking for a knee injury with an awkward step.

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