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First we got Nike Aeroswift, now they’re calling it Vaporknit! Modelled after the jerseys and apparel for the Nike clubs at the 2018 World Cup, the new Nike Vaporknit training apparel line is great quality, but super expensive! What’s so special about it and is it worth it? Let’s find out!

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  1. I recently realized that the UK and US sizing are different. I was wondering if you have any insight into how different they are. In my experience, I couldn't compare the two, but it seemed UK S vapor is much tighter than US S aeroswift.

  2. I have the short sleeved one and the quarter zip and they are phenomenal. I really sweat a lot and they are supper breathable and stretchy so they give a much better experience during training. My opinion, these are just the summer version of the aeroswifts, as they are almost two times as thin as aeroswifts.

    I would definitely recommend these if you have the money. I got both of them on sale though. the quarter zip for half the price and the short sleeves for 0.7 the price through the nike online store.

  3. This is my point of view:

    I get super excited for new tech in soccer clothing. However, I believe Nike releases anything to take advantage of people that pay for those items and that’s the reason they release them so expensive.

    I truly refuse to pay those prices because I don’t want to support nike keeping this trend of insane msrp values. I hope Nike will understand that it is not correct. I truly hope they reconsider making quality soccer clothing with more accessible prices

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