The ESPN FC crew are joined by Archie Rhind-Tutt to discuss England’s 0-0 draw with Scotland at Euro 2020. The team debate whether Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho should have started for England, as the attacker is still yet to play a minute at the tournament.

0:00 Did England deserve a penalty?
0:55 Should Sancho be starting for England?
1:53 What Sancho would add to England
3:17 Who should Sancho have replaced against Scotland?
4:00 Could Southgate have brought on both Jack Grealish and Sancho?

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38 comentarios en «Jadon Sancho is 'one of the best in world football,' so why doesn't he start for England? | ESPN FC»
  1. What do you expect from a manager who puts No Sancho in the squad against Croatia while 2 substitute GKs were present.

    Played a RB at left back in the first match.

    Prefers Sterling over Rashford, Mount over Grealish and he's not playing Sancho at all.

    Put 2 DMs against the 'mighty' Scotland.

    Gareth Southgate is so clueless.

  2. Same thing with Jan Andersson and the Swedish team with the team selection. Having one player with ridiculous stats but doesn’t even play him at all. Managers sometimes simply don’t make any smart decisions due to favouritism which is just costing their team.

  3. Mourinho was right the two guys with the mentality to live in the heat are the two boys who went to a foreign country and made it. Bellingham and Sancho. Put them on the park it does not matter how young they are,

  4. England didn't beat a top team in the knockouts of a major tournament since Euro 1996 when they beat Spain at penalty shootouts.
    I'm not even sure if we can consider 1996 Spain a top team by the way…
    Since beating Spain in 1996, England won only 4 knockout games and it was against second rank teams (Denmark 2002, Ecuador 2006, Colombia and Sweden 2018).
    Since 1996 we had 6 World Cup and 5 Euros, and England won only 4 knockout games, against second rank teams. I repeat, 4 knockout games won against second rank teams in 11 tournaments.
    And since 1996 England were among favorites at every tournament (I won't even talk about Euro 2004, the so-called Euro they "should have won" while they didn't beat any top team)

  5. Best sancho leave england and come home to trinidad and tobago. They eh making it to world cup cause they have bias with town men and garry griffith son but hey new manager and they going to make the gold cup bro

  6. English premier league football creates unrealistic standards for english footballers. the fact is that premier league is great because of the foreign players and coaches brought into it but the english media tries to change the narrative and look for the smallest reasons to overhype the British players.

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