Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf, Kasey Keller and Don Hutchison join ESPN FC to talk about France’s habits with and without the ball.

0:00 Leboeuf credits France for their strength throughout the pitch.
1:07 How France doesn’t take risks in defense.
2:00 Why possession stats mean nothing.
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47 comentarios en «Does possession EVEN MATTER for France? | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC»
  1. When people talk about possession they always misunderstand the definition. When we talk about possession we only count the passes in the midfield and up. And if people compare the data of the two teams they find the top teams basically share the possession. If the teams had great attacking squads like pacey strikers and skillful strong tall center forward, then the teams don't need to follow thru the possession principal, can pass the ball every time to them to break the defense line, score a lot of goals. The more passes they have in the midfield and wings the more chances they squander and the more time wasted.

  2. France remind me a lot of Prime Jose Mourinho Teams. Defensive solidity , Kante helping out defensively.Pogba creating Rabiot for legs Griezmann floating into space mbappe stretching defence and Giroud or Benzema playing the target man. Great balance to the team

  3. France counter was another level, especially with speedster like mbappe in the frontline, pogba just need to give his magical pass to him. But if playing with Hungary tomorrow, i think france gonna be starting to play with fu possesion which is gonna give them some problem, because it's changed their own best tactic so far

  4. France won the world cup playing this same style of football. Little possession and counter-attack football. The issue Mbappe had with Germany is that he ran offside too easily. If they get that right France is likely to win this tournament

  5. Possession is very important in international football. Atleast 55% is required consistently , particularly in knockout games against big teams. Germany didn't have a ideal inform no9 otherwise it would have been a different result. Let's not forget France won because of lucky own goal of Hummels.
    If France faces Germany in semis or finals , it will be a different game altogether. It will be a foolishness to think for favorites ( France) that they can win the tournament with less than 50% possession in all games.

  6. The biggest gift but even issue of France is Mbappe, France didn't learned to play making possession, counting only upon the explosivity speed in counterattacks of Mbappe.
    That's why they will not win this Euro. True that possession isn't everything, but playing a catenaccio style, as Italian was doing 40 years ago, hoping for Mbappe….it's a sportively suicide.

  7. Possession game ,the big mistake barca are still doing just bcuz it worked before ,it worked before bcuz their was a player who could perfectly play with possession ,but now we don't have a player who is as great as before ,any team can play counter attack but only a elite player can play perfect possession game and succeed on it ,barca had xavi inesta ,busquets and prime messi who could score one in one chance ,that time barca would keep the ball long time but suddenly with one chance they could score one but now even with 5 chance we couldn't score one and also we don't have a midfielder who never loses the ball like xavi,iniesta you have to be perfect at contolling the ball in close space ,dejong ,pedri can't hold the midfield if opponent doesn't give any space to them whereas xavi ,ainesta could easily get out from tight space ,barca should play counter attack game bcuz present barca team has good enough players to play counter attack but not great enough to play possession based football ,possession isn't working for them bcuz their isn't a players who could perfectly do it and their is not a coach like pep who can make players be better at possession game ,we have a coach with one ,two tactics thats it no more ideas ,out of ideas for our present coach..

  8. If you score every time you touch the ball then you’re in great shape😂 possession is fine if you’re that much better than your opponent. Not sure anyone has more talent than France right now though

  9. Possession is pointless and quite idiotic if you don’t take risks (ie. create opportunities). France knows perfectly how to create their opportunities with the amazing trio they have upfront. It’s for the other teams to create their opportunities, but possession by itself is pointless.

  10. France played a perfect tactical game against us, they managed to force us into small spaces and exposed our lack of creativity in the final third, additionally they were always dangerous on counters. They had as much posession as they needed to win and we didn't do much with ours. A pretty decent how-to-beat-germany-blueprint

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