The Bold Bhoys.

LIVE from St Luke’s, Glasgow, as we present #CelticFC’s 2018/19 New Balance Football Home Kit. #OnlyTheBold

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Por Celtic FC

37 comentarios en «Celtic FC – #OnlyTheBold: New Balance Football 2018/19 Home Kit Launch»
  1. Hey AT LEAST our new away top ticks all the boxes,olde style badge,nice white(that I'll get dirty right away no doubt)and a wee bit a green on the shoulders. It is to use an old saying "a fkin belter!"

  2. Awe ffs it's still the hoops…real celtic fans don't give a f $@# wot top there wearing u can't please every1…id play in blue kits if it meant winning the league.. (Sorry sorry went a bit far there lolll) HH COYBIG 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  3. Celtic one of world footballs largest and most famous clubs in conjunction with new balance one of the world's leading sportswear companies and the best they can come up with is this amateur launch? I mean wtf?? Players embarrased on a school stage Scotty, and moussa " do you like the socks?" we didn't even get to see the socks ffs WHAT??? Stop, please stop but no , continue on to Kelly and good on you ghirl for being honest and fair its pish, its not the worst weve had at least its not pink/salmon whatever. Then Griff? I don't blame you mate for being hysterical what a nonsense of a launch. I mean were going to continue celtic in our beating hearts to the day we die, but is it asking too much for two internationally renowned businesses to launch our new strip professionally? ive seen better primary school shows than that lol and why oh why when the club knows that practically 100% of our support want the hoops to be THE HOOPS as close to the original as possible for our home kit. Didn't anyone at new balance and celtic notice the massive drop in sales for the season for that awful strip we lost in at easter road ? I dont like to criticise any tims but somebody and they must know who you are needs to get theyre arse felt, get it together NB and give us what we want and we'll all buy it gratefully simple as fuk??? I also understand that the players have responsibilities to integrate with the support but do we have to embarrass them in doing so haha I await with baited breath the arrival of the away kit and I just hope its not purple flowers and white polka dots or something HH THE CELTS ARS HERE WHAT THE HELL DO WE WEAR NOW! ! lol COYBIG!!

  4. For all the moaners,hoop breakers and grumpy people,it's the Bhoys IN the shirts who matter,it might not be the best Celtic top ever,but we'll STILL give the Bhoys 100%whether they're wearing this,or that pink monstrosity we have,it DOESN'T matter,"THROUGH AND THROUGH" FELLOW Tims!! C.O.Y.B.I.G B.R.G.W.A Y.N.W.A H.H

  5. what the fuck are youz talking about "breaking the hoops" it's stripes on the arms, the fukn hoops around the mid section are still hoops, what yeez on about? When they broke the hoops years ago they broke the hoops around the mid section, these are not broken hoops what-so-ever

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