Dan Thomas is joined by Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf in ESPN FC’s Extra Time to answer all your questions.

0:00 What’s wrong with Craig’s glasses?
1:00 Why did Frank’s phone break?
2:02 Is a transfer out of Chelsea necessary for Timo Werner?
2:55 Is Eden Hazard the worst Galatico signing ever?
4:53 Why did Frank turn down Real Madrid?
7:14 Should Pep Guardiola start Sergio Aguero in front of Kevin De Bruyne in the Champions League?
8:05 Who will start for Man City against PSG: Joao Cancelo or Kyle Walker?
8:40 Does Shaka believe he had to to be better as he came from a smaller country.
11:02 Has Craig ever had close encounters with bears on the golf course?
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45 comentarios en «Timo Werner and Eden Hazard subject to scrutiny! | ESPN FC Extra Time»
  1. They did it again. The Blue Lions TV channel commenting about WERNER
    CHELSEA EXIT UPDATE? He has 37 goals and assist between the two Germans
    Timo and Havertz, do they forget that all the Jorginho goals, Ziech
    important goals are being created by Werner. Are they stupid? Their
    other previous articles as, Zouma the best of the planet? All that
    reveal they are nothing positive to Chelsea! They are echoing false
    prefabricated news to destabilize our strikers. They are a mole
    infiltrated as Chelsea fan, or a stupid commenting. The same media
    manipulation mechanism was used against Torres, and any Chelsea striker
    in the past, and we know all those negative articles were created out of
    the football business interest of certain player merchants. They are
    nothing more than a corrupt emitting opinions about Chalsea! We already
    commented about their repeated apology and special articles to the
    wonders of Zouma.
    Does the Zouma agent pays for their salary? Again
    and again they sell us a player that has not the quality for Chelsea!
    … in other league he will be astounding by his aerial game and
    physicality. But he has not the clarity of mind or possession to carry
    the ball out of the defense area for a Premier League and Champion
    League team like Chelsea. Any one of his running's forward are for the
    camera, and all of them end abruptly when he realizes that he has a
    contrary closer, and in that reduced space he look for a savior
    teammate, yes any neighbor teammate because he can not give a larger
    pass, then he will give a killer pass because it will end in the other
    team recovering the ball. That is the problem of Zouma. This channel do
    not have to comment about Chelsea because they are influenced by the
    players propaganda money. I am not mentioning the other articles coming
    about RLC coming back to Chelsea after Fulham descent. The money
    creates articles for this corrupt channels.

  2. Real Madrid are just six games away from winning LaLiga Santander and the Champions League with a team destroyed by injuries, led by players who were not thought to be dependable when the season began.

  3. Eden Hazard is hands down the worst Real Madrid signing ever. Coming from a born and raised madrid fan. Considering expectations, money, status. Utterly disappointing. Hope he proves everyone wrong!

  4. When those elite guys, like super, upper echelon elite players become great enough that Real Madrid come ah knockin. They tend to take one of two routes. Either properly play the kinda football that was hoped for. OR they cant adjust to being just one of the great guys. And not THE GUY. Hazard has been beyond trash. But, if he got sent out to Arsenal or Chelsea. Im sure he'd kill it 😏. But, Madrid is the biggest team on earth and the adjustment of joining that squad is not something for the mentally weak

  5. How do you go from that to dropping iPhone in baby oil. It’s not paranoia when it is there how can you speak for a player that isn’t from Europe, that’s of diff. Color, race, non European or maybe Brazilian/ Argentina the smaller countries, its mainly the press/ media. Craigs cheeky what Celtic Chelsea nit big clubs, pissed he didn’t get the look by Real back in the day. He’s snoring lol he knows 75% of the show is a joke

  6. Y’all need to watch Sky Sports, these people speak nonsense. American broadcast company ESPN is only good for basketball and football. Please let Sky Sports talk about soccer. These ESPN FC guys are clowns

  7. Chelsea need to replace Werner with Son! Werner is just not good enough of a finisher, its proven, how many more chances is he going to get ? He sucks in front of goal its a fact!

  8. Smh Timo just needs to sit the rest of the year and try again next season. All of our remaining matches are critical and you can’t have a striker missing sitter after sitter, it’s demoralizing for him but also for the team who works so hard to create chances. You never know in Futbol but if Chelsea were 2-0 up perhaps they change shape a little or drop deeper and Madrid don’t score at all. Oh well, on to the Bridge

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