Jan Aage Fjortoft joins Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to recap Borussia Dortmund’s thrilling 5-0 win over Holstein Kiel to advance to the German Cup final against RB Leipzig.

0:00 How on earth did Holstein Kiel knock out Bayern Munich?
0:40 USMNT’s Giovanni Reyna with two big goals for Dortmund in the win.
1:18 Previewing RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund in the final.
2:18 Mino Raiola’s comments about Erling Haaland’s future.
4:00 Why are Spanish clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona even involved if a Super League doesn’t come along?
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24 comentarios en «Mino Raiola speaks up AGAIN about Erling Haaland: WHAT NOW?! | ESPN FC»
  1. That was an encouraging win for us! Gio could have had a hattrick!

    but to be fair, Jan should have mentioned Kiel was only back from quarantine following a corona outbreak. they were doing well before that, knocking bayern out of the pokal. .

  2. Fjortoff and Thomas are 2 of the most ignorant commentators on sports. First they make fun of Madrid and Barcelona attempts at Haaland while also getting a dig at Perez and the super league. When the super league failed they said because of the fans (the little people?) it was rejected, forgetting that the major clubs in the premier supported it at first with absolutely no thought about the fans. Who owns these clubs? Middle East sheiks, Russian mafia, American industrialists and British billionaire investment companies. These are the real villains. And there in a nutshell is the real problem for UEFA. English Football sold their soul to money. Without that money no English team would have made it even to the semifinals of any major competition in the last 15 years, but the Tipping Point has been reached. All that money is making players out of reach to any club without billionaire investors, especially Spanish and most German, French and Italian teams. Ie Does anyone think PSG is the top Ligue 1 team because of good management? Spanish, German and Italian teams should not be laughed at because they have been more successful than Premier League Teams with much less foreign money infusions. However, in the near future no clubs without a bottomless money pit will be able to compete. Will you be satisfied to see Real Madrid and Barcelona collapse? What about the smaller clubs of the Premier?
    Get this obscene money out of European club football. Level the playing field. The Premier League wouldn't be competitive for a few years but it would be much better in the long term for English football.
    Sorry I don't have the space or time to explain why some clubs were more successful without outside cash infusions.

  3. man raiola is just pure talanted bussinesman who has most elite footballer clients around the world, as long as he doesnt give negative impact economically to haaland instead make haaland one of richest footballer, why not???? imo it is okay n fair business

  4. United will buy Sancho this summer and Dortmund will refuse to lose Haaland… next summer there'll be a bidding war between Chelsea, United, PSG, Barça, Real, City for a 70m Haaland…

  5. I think if man city win the champions league, they can finance a move for haaland. And considering that his father played for cityzens, the fans are gonna love him and it can help in shirt sales which can bring good income for the club

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