ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf and Nedum Onuoha break down Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League tie between PSG and Manchester City.

00:00 Craig Burley recaps the differences between the first and second halves.
01:50 Jurgen Klinsmann explains how Manchester City took the match over.
03:30 Was PSG tired late in the match?
05:05 Nedum Onuoha’s take on Manchester City’s resurgence in the second half.
06:20 Were Man City flustered of the semifinal scenario in the first half?

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42 comentarios en «PSG vs. Manchester City reaction: How Paris Saint-Germain collapsed in the second half | ESPN FC»
  1. i would like to know where the deluded middle eastern la liga fan boys are at? it is likely both the cl and europa will be all english finals, the 2nd time in 3 years. WHERE ARE YOU?

  2. The real reason PSG lost was the midfield AND the defence. This is due to LEONARDO!!!! that silly front office manager SOLD Tiago Silva and never replaced him, except he took Marquinos out of his favorite position in the mid field and turned him into a center back. Tiago Silver was a better captain than Kempembe and he was braver too. There is no way Tiago would flinch in thw wall like Kimpembe. This was the same Kimpembe that did the same thing in the Man. United game in Paris.

  3. If Frank doesn't mention Neymar in a bad way he's not happy. He barely mentioned Mbappe which was the lowest point all match for PSG. Neymar fought all game and here comes Frank once again hating on him

  4. Neymar is a brilliant player and in terms of him at his best, his ability as a dribbler and playmaker isn't far off Messi's. However, people are too quick to call him the best in the world when he has a good game. Against Bayern he was on his game in terms of dribbling, yet his finishing let him down, which has been the case for a while now in the CL. He hasn't scored a KO goal since the round of 16 last season, which means he's gone 6 KO games without a goal. It's clear he's a better footballer than Mbappe, yet Mbappe is the one who usually steps up with the goals in big games. After all, that's the reason PSG are in the semi finals.

    Fact is, he hasn't scored enough in big games since his Barca days, where he profited from the service of Messi and Suarez, who laid a fair number of his goals on a plate. He's been unlucky with injuries, yet it's his finishing and the way he is quick to lose his cool that stops him from being at the level of Messi and Ronaldo.

  5. ManC was much better in the second half, but let us not forget the first goal was a fluke, and the second was just lucky (I highly doubt someone shoots at a wall thinking the wall may break).
    Still great result!

  6. City won the game but it came through luck, their was no genius moments, a cross that ended up in the back of the net, a freekick than went through 2 players and how it went through not even the players could explain, even Mahrez said it was luck.

    Tie is not over, PSG have the quality to over turn the tie but Man City are very good at keeping the ball, it should be a fascinating 2nd half.

    Mbappe was utter garbage, fans claim that he cant play when he doesnt have no space and that might be true but it was really his lack of work ethic, he was so lazy I couldn't believe what I was seeing, why he put in such a lazy performance because he cost his team this tie, had he worked harder off the ball and on it the result could've been different, Neymar can't do everything by himself who by the way was brilliant, he worked his backside off with the ball and off it.

  7. The English press are praising City too highly for this game. They didn't look like scoring, Frank is spot on. PSG threw this game away and City may kick themselves for not finishing it when they were a man up.

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