When Mum ruins Dads football shirt…on purpose! ⚽🤣
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See what happens when Mum decides to prank Dad by ruining his football shirt on the first day of the season 😂Will he see the funny side? Will the new shirt still be «lucky»? 🤔😂

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44 comentarios en «When Mum ruins Dads football shirt…on purpose! ⚽🤣»
  1. If they are acting, they are awesome. They are great skid writers too
    If they are not acting, they should write comedy shows and make a great living.
    Roxy is beautiful without a pound of makeup like the movie stars need to look good. I love her glamorous beautiful smile.

  2. Announcer 1: “It’s pretty clear why they lost today.”
    Announcer 2: “Yep. We all know the backstory, Mark didn’t wear his shirt with the hole. What a terrible season this club will experience not only this year, but indeed, the rest of his life.”

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