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42 comentarios en «Customizing a Football Jersey using Rhinestones and Siser HTV & Giveaway!»
  1. Hi Lisa, did you not get your fabric burnt from the high temp of the heat press? Any tips for fabrics like that of a jersey or fabrics that have rayon on them? Thank you!

  2. You applied the Siser HTV on this Jersey? I've bought some jerseys from different stores that already have print on them for my girls and after a few washes the design started to peel off. will this vinyl stay on well even after a few washes.

  3. Awesome!!! I just purchased 200.00 in rhinestones and starter pack. I am sooo excited to try this. Do you have a video on downloading one of you're designs and cutting the sticky flock on the Silhouette? Seems like I saw something about it?? If not would you consider it? I will look for it!!! Lisa you ROCK!

  4. Do you have a video where you show how to make the block numbers/letters? I'd love to know how to make a name in Silhouette Studio Software with vinyl and rhinestone outline. Thanks!

  5. Nice tutorial lisa.I like that jersey, I want to send it to my cousin recently diagnosed she has a cancer after donating her kidney to her father. I am the one who ask a question to Matt and feature to his vlog #9 I think. Her name is Katz. I wish I could get that free gift to my cousin. Thanks in advanced.

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