Hey Guys! Today we have a detailed look and review on the Nike Air Max 90 Bacon.

Release Date: March 26, 2021
Retail Price: $140
Available at:
Phone Orders: (916) 667-9526
Phenom IG:

Also available at SNKRS:

If you miss the drop, buy on eBay:

If you’re trying to buy shoes without bots, we recommend you join SoleSavy. They thoroughly vet everyone to remove resellers and provide effective strategies to help you cop:

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50 comentarios en «Nike Air Max 90 Bacon»
  1. You lucky Dodger Ducka, Man I want these. Last I checked your Folkers @ Solesavy weren’t taking new Members??! I’ll peep one mo gen my Weebleations! Bacons got me all nostalgic & ish Biiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaayyyyyttttttt! What’s that Foos name, Rashid Wallace!!

  2. I think I almost had them on GOAT on Air Max Day. I love the materials, but I probably won’t wear it because of the colors. So, I backed out. I just hope it wasn’t a bot or a reseller that got what would’ve been my pair.

  3. Hey Chris, Nike really did us dirty here in Brazil my G. They released only 15 fucking pairs bro! The most impossible shoe to get this year. I didn't even bother to log in my Nike account to try to cop.

  4. I'm a member of solesavy, picked up two pairs in my size. I let a member cop off me at retail. I've had other members sell me pairs at retail. Makes the entire sneaker copping experience stress free.

  5. Ha ha ha 'when our powers combined…Chris and Jodi thank you thank you. Absolutely brilliant ! Loved the story. I learnt something new! 😁 Its what us old sneaker heads love and why you guys are the best sneaker reviewers bar none. Side note loving the production value's Mrs Wing! Another winner! I laughed and smiled the whole way through. 🔥

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