Manchester United • Jalan Menuju Final – Liga Champion 2009

Manchester United • Jalan Menuju Final – Liga Champion 2009

00:00 Babak Penyisihan Grup.
07:11 Babak 16 besar – Manchester united vs Inter Milan.
09:28 Perempat Final – Manchester united vs Porto.
14:20 Semifinal – Manchester United vs Arsenal.
19:38 Final – Manchester United vs Barcelona.

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Ferguson have had Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez as a defending champions,but he was able to add to berbatov,
Still some saying he didn't have The money to buy players 😮

Nothing but respect for him and his first spell at Utd, but I remember watching that final and thinking Ronaldo and his ego cost us. The media hype before the game was all about Ronaldo vs Messi, as both were just beginning to take over the world of football, and it felt like Ronaldo was determined to make the headlines and sort of win their 1v1 battle. Multiple times he went for goal when a pass made more sense. Some of the shots he attempted were ridiculous.

Barcelona didn't deserve to win that year, chelsea should have gone through ,, biggest cheating in the history of football

Reminds us what a great signing Dimi Berbatov was! What a great player! United had their best squad of all time in that era! Ronny running down the wing! Van Nistelrooy! Rooney destroying defenders for fun! Those were the days lol 😂

Inter Milan was unlucky, they didn't know that if they want to win champion league, they must sell Ibrahimovic

to think that 7 scored from 40 yards in two consecutive UCL matches and almost did the same in the final. 💥💥🤯

That final should have been chelsea vs united. But Uefalona didnt want thecsame previuus final. Thats why they helped uefalona


سيبقى قلبي متيم بنبض عشقك & حبك الازلي يا مانيو حتى وهو جريح 💔💔💔💔😢😢

Ещё и карлик головой!!!забил второй…Смотрел эту игру,М.Ю больше моментов было,но к сожалению они их не использовали…

that season fletcher is unbelievable good in midfield, the red card maybe changed something for the final.
unfortunately, what man utd face is the best barca team in history 2 times in the final.
even if park is told to man mark messi, the story may probably the same.

Alex futgunson is corrupted. Is the worst manager ever. On every final he tells his players to let the other team score.

Barcelona should not have been in the final in 2009. after that unreal theft and robbery in the semi-final against Chelsea. 3 clean penalties were not awarded for Chelsea, so Barcelona, ​​neither guilty nor obligated, found themselves in the final. In the final against Man. Utd. one should be realistic and say that they deserved to win.

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