Milan vs. Paris Saint-Germain – Game Highlights

Champion League Highlights Match Day 4
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First goal was stupid as fuck .. milan defence were samble n psg hits free header ..where was the fucking milan defence , gather in one spot n giving free space to other end😅😅

Hej tod, jag behöver din hjälp. Jag startade en fotbollskanal på YouTube och fick en upphovsrättsvarning. snälla kan du ge mig råd om hur du laddar ner och redigerar dina fotbollsvideor. Jag älskar ärligt talat din kanal. tack.

As an arsenal fan i regret we sold Giroud . What a player. That goal the cheer from fans WOW! He is a living legend. What a game. Leão's goal is a masterpiece PSG shall live to remember this one 🥶☠️

What match 🔝⚽⚽AC .MILAN FOREVER❤🖤❤🖤 GIROUD WHAT PLAYER🔝⚽❤🖤😘so funny the arab commentator 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔝

I am glad Milan won, but I hate how they miss so many chances. They could have scored at least 2 more goals. Against Newcastle, it was even worse. So many shots and possession only for it to end goaless.

all the PSG fans from India and Central Africa are gonna dislike this (there is no PSG fans in 2000 km radius of France)

Che confuseone
Sara perche ti amo
Un ematione che cresce piano piano
Strigimi forte,e stammi piu vicino
Se ci sto bene
Sara perche ti amo

За кого болеете в ЛЧ в этом сезоне? Я за Баварию, мне нравится состав

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