HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid vs. Chelsea — UEFA Women's Champions League 2023-24

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00:00:00 – Players Entrance by Chelsea Women
00:00:15 – Pass by Ann-Katrin Berger
00:00:25 – Short Goal by Olga Carmona
00:00:27 – Goal by Olga Carmona
00:01:22 – GK Save by María Isabel Rodríguez
00:01:45 – Dribble by Niamh Charles
00:02:15 – Goal by Niamh Charles
00:03:07 – Booking by Sandie Toletti
00:03:25 – Cross by Erin Cuthbert
00:03:32 – Shot by Sjoeke Nüsken
00:03:38 – Shot by Sam Kerr
00:03:51 – Shot by Sam Kerr
00:04:27 – Goal by Sam Kerr
00:05:25 – Foul by Jessie Fleming
00:05:59 – Goal by Olga Carmona
00:06:37 – GK Save by María Isabel Rodríguez
00:07:00 – Pass by Erin Cuthbert
00:07:06 – Shot by Lauren James
00:07:16 – Shot by Jessie Fleming
00:07:49 – Offside by Niamh Charles
00:08:24 – End Match by Chelsea Women
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23 respuestas a «HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid vs. Chelsea — UEFA Women's Champions League 2023-24»

Hahahaha wow, Toletti's foul was more of a PK than Fleming's ffs, why did the ref not check the play with VAR?
Chelsea got robbed big time

Football has lost his glory,politics everywhere… football of nowadays has lost its real value..look at a very clean robbery did to Chelsea ladies, blowing a penalty for a tackle made outside the box,and cancelling a goal that the scorer came from behind to score…what a shame on all the officials

No,,,,, this is so bad💔
Are there no VAR in women's football?,,,,,, What about the lines officials…….
Chelsea clearly won this match….

Menudo atraco de las blancas, no es penalti , ni la toca y es fuera del área. No hay fuera de juego en el 3 gol del Chelsea. La jugadora que remata está en posición legal. Las imágenes no engañan, Florentino es el mayor corrupto del FUTBOL. BASTA YA!! ESTAMOS HARTOS!!

This referee don't deserve to officiate a match and looking at how comfortable she did what she did, it looks like it's planned


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