UEFA Champions League Will Be Played in the USA 🇺🇸

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37 respuestas a «UEFA Champions League Will Be Played in the USA 🇺🇸»

If its getting that popular why dont you create your own with South American teams a "Americas Champions Club Cup"

Even though I would love for the ucl to come to america so I can watch it, please just stick to Europe. I dont want the phenomenal sport to be ruined and since it is a european competition, it should stay in europe.

Only European thing they can or should be allowed to host there is the super cup other than that I don’t think CL final needs to be hosted there

So, what's next? The Europa League will be held in the Philippines? Also they choose the wrong country because football is not popular there because of basketball, baseball and American football is more popular. It would make more sense if they choose the football capital, Brazil but we can all agree the Champions League should be held within Europe.

As a American it would be nice to see it here but it’s UEFA And it’s Europe but it will be cool if it was here and to see it in like NYC, Or Chicago Or Los Angeles Or Sum like that

Not watching that final even if it's a El Clásico, such an insult to the fans who want to support their team and instead got replaced by fake football and Mc Donald's fans.

Why tf do they keep sending everything over there. They don't even fucking play football. Timezone will be shit. Tickets will be expensive. And flights will be very far. And for nothing.

Bastava, stopp stopper Champions league is sn european league not smerican! I DONT WANT TO SER USA HOST IS a tattica for give a money st Usa? Stopper I want european climate not us stadium. EUROPE IS EUROPE NOT AMERICAN. AGAIN AGAJN AND AGAIN USA STOP IM TIRED

Nope I live in New York City but the champions league final should be in Europe period not in another continent btw the new format getting ride of 32 teams in the group stage is a huge mistake Uefa wants more money this isn’t about money it’s about the passions from us fans screw the money what going on with this world

Terrible idea, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) the UCL should never be played outside of Europe.

Why are sports so obsessed with US…money and they ruin every sport last few years ..not americans but these stupid presidents

Spoil. The cost of any European fans to watch the game increase. Value of the competition reduced. It is not European competition if restricted to only Americans… Like, really, for money, they say 😂😂. Too honest.

In 2018, the Copa Libertadores Final was held in Santiago Bernabeu, which is the home to Real Madrid. However, the decision was made because of security concerns involving 2 Argentina sides, Boca Juniors and River Plate, during the original encounter in Buenos Aires.

That's so stupid 🤣 also I do not believe in the slightest football is growing in popularity in this country. In my state (MN) it has been the same my entire life where no one gives a shit about fooball. USA will never reach the numbers when it comes to Europe and football

This is insanely insulting. This is completely unfair to European fans. And the Euros example is a completely useless one. You know where the Euros was viewed more than the United States? Fucking Europe. What a disgrace.

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