Redemption for Pep Guardiola as he gets one over Real Madrid in Champions League semi-final

Pep Guardiola talks after Manchester City’s 5-1 mauling of Real Madrid sees them progress to the Champions League final against Inter Milan.

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39 respuestas a «Redemption for Pep Guardiola as he gets one over Real Madrid in Champions League semi-final»

He always has been a coach. Even when he was 21 playing for Barcelona he was the mind of Cruyff in the pitch, coaching his teammates with a napoleonic personality. Congrats from a madridista fan to a man who knows Real Madrid nature much better than millions of self deciared madrid fans

Guy hasn't won CL in 11+ years, went through billions in transfer fees. Gets through semis & it's a success?

Foreign owned club foreign manager, foreign named stadium,(ethiad) playing with a usual nine foreign player's (mercenaries) out of eleven.Isnt engerlish football the best!

Anybody can get lucky, but class is permanent. City is a level above madrid as a team and this proves it. Without a few lucky bounces/counterattacks madrid has no chance vs a team of city's quality. Madrid are closer to barca level than city level, proven by the fact that they couldn't even win the league and that they tied the season series

Fraudiola finally reaching 2 UCL finals (2021 and 2023) cleanly with City. Man should thank UEFA and the referees for his 2 false UCLs in 2009 and 2011.

Man City played amazingly well & deserved to win. YET they have still ONLY got such a good squad & manager because they’ve been breaking FFP for OVER 10 YEARS! They are CHEATS plain & simple who should be RELEGATED! 🤯🤢. Know why this hasn’t happened already probably because they PAY OFF the RIGHT people! 🤮
I’m NOT hating just stating FACTS!

As a Madrid fan u can't hate this man He is so Humble he was rude in his Young ages but now he's good

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