HIGHLIGHTS! Bayern Munich 1-1 Man City (1-4 AGG) | CITY INTO UCL SEMI-FINAL | UEFA Champions League

City secured a place in the Champions League semi-finals with a 4-1 aggregate victory over German champions Bayern Munich.


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28 respuestas a «HIGHLIGHTS! Bayern Munich 1-1 Man City (1-4 AGG) | CITY INTO UCL SEMI-FINAL | UEFA Champions League»

A well deserved win for all the players. Thank you for what you did in the match. Bruno and Grealich are amazing It is better for Riyad Mahrez to go to another team, he may find a

The big bayern going to become small like Chelsea with this cotch Tuchel ,his not good for the team

That play from man city that led to the goal is absolutley one of the top 3 in the champions league. Kdb and Haaland are really destroyng other teams. (Not me liking my own comment😅)

As a Bayern fan, what a catastrophe. City deserved it and so did Haaland. Haaland finally defeated his old enemy in Bayern and knocked out Bayern from the Champions League.

Display of power in front of the home fans by Haaland in his celebration. Can't say i did not like that. 😀

Haaland will be one of the GOATS. You just can't stop him. He's my favourite player Anyways, LET'S GO MAN CITY WE CAN WIN THE CHAMPIONS THIS YEAR! GOOD LUCK!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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