RB Leipzig v Man City | UEFA Champions League Round of 16 is coming soon!


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47 respuestas a «RB Leipzig v Man City | UEFA Champions League Round of 16 is coming soon!»

This is a message to Pep if it ever reaches you..

Im glad Barca lost tonight now you know how it feels for us City fans that had to watch the rubbish you've put out there with City each week and terrible results. You dont care about City.

Just know im happy that Barca lost and enjoying the fact you feeling like crap. 😂

Pep has the best ideas but we need more numbers in defense, that's where we are getting exploited not much but it's giving opposing teams momentum. 433 worked but it was time to change according to the players strengths

no substitutons ????? hahahaha poor pep…………for i see until now ,real madrid will take it again !

Пепчасто стал тормозить.
Где замены ?
Грилиш в конце устал.
Раз Холанда пасут в середине 2го тайма можно было пустить Альвареса

Have you noticed all European Teams are on Top Form when they play any British🇬🇧 Club ..Funny That

No match fixing! it's a shame for football! City didn't even attack for the last 20 minutes, let alone ignore Holland the whole match. I've been rooting for Man City since 2010, but today I was ashamed that my favorite team played as the bookmakers told it

My goodness….City serving up another snoozefest. It's almost as though the club is trying its best to be the most hated ever team in the history of football. Cheat their way to success for over a decade and now taking the enjoyment out of the game for neutrals putting us all to sleep. Champions league football has been of the highest quality for years but now here come City to ruin it. Ban this 'club' from all forms of football for eternity.

Vamos!!!!!!!! que gran juego!!!!!!! chicos!!!!!!!! orgulloso!!!!!! de ustedes yo sé que con la fe💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙y la buena energía lograremos destrozar💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙en casa vamos!!!!!! city!!!!!! los quiero un montón!!!!!! se cuidan no es un mal resultado lo sabremos dar vuelta en casa los quiero💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙vamos!!!!!!! carajo!!!!!!!por cierto gran gol MAHREZ!!!!!!!!💪🏻💙💪🏻💙🛸Sin lástima contra ello para la próxima en casa con todo eso sí sin hacer falta duras porque podrían salir expulsados solo es una pequeña sugerencia🙂💪🏻💙🛸🌪️que estén bien chicos!!!!!! vamos!!!!!! city!!!!!!!💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙💪🏻💙🙂🧿🛐🛸✨🔮🌪️🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🇨🇴.

We nedd attacking fullbacks.
Pep needs to go. He set up cancelo by benching him and starting rico lewis.

Now when cancelo is gone he is not even play rico lewis.

We should play gomez at lb and palmer at lw, Foden rw.
Everytime palmer has played lw he had much space and he is fast.

Also in defence we need walker dias ake gomez.
I know gomez is not that good defensively but his attacking play is really good. Ake can cover him. But dont play ake at lb. We will only make back passes

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