FIFA 23 | Xbox Series S Gameplay | Real Madrid v PSG | UEFA Champions League

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Gameplay from FIFA 23 played on Xbox Series S in 1440p 60fps.
Real Madrid v PSG in the UEFA Champions League at the Bernabeu.
Console settings, 1440p 120hz, VRR On, HDR Off.
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i'm using a 144 hz monitor and when i play the game my graphics are beyond awfull the pitch itself looks not nealry as smooth green as this one, i did try to plug it in a 4k udh 60 hz monitor but it was still the same result i don't get it

My xbox beer and there are not beautiful graphics like this like that as if would be granular you would be able to help it that for what 4k TV I am playing

Nice gameplay brother. Man, even the grass looks awesome ! I always am fascinated how sports facilities keep the grass looking so beautiful all the time. World Cup coming up shortly as well, I am looking forward to it. This FIFA has a nice flow to the game, and I love the look of the crowds as well with the flags, it looks really authentic.

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