Can the UEFA Champions League Return to PES 2022?

This is an operation PES 2022 Xtra episode, where we talk about the potential of the UEFA Champions League and the Libertadores in future installments of PES. We also discuss the benefits of the Unreal Engine and how it can shape the future of games.

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14 respuestas a «Can the UEFA Champions League Return to PES 2022?»

the only problem in pes is, there is no motion in player's cloth like fifa……
i expect it will come in pes 2022

It will be awesome but its very unlikely because they don't have that big budget. Enough will be to improve my club and gameplay then all is fine…

What Im more concerned about is hair, mucles, body, face and kit physics… I rather have them sort out the most important details to be able expand from to the rest of the other details… Also managers and their sideline reactions to certain situations during the match would be great and also player reactions and cutscenes to when they miss a goal and other realistic features if wind and breathing of players… I also dont understand why the Champions League cant be on both games of fifa/pes??

Champions League needs to be online with Group stages online like they had on fifa World Cup
With a home and away game with away goals

Unreal engine is a great engine, I just hope konami don't make a bare bones game as usual, we need an in-depth master league.

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