Lyon vs. PSG | UEFA Women’s Champions League Semi-final First Leg Full Match

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Olympique Lyonnais vs. Paris Saint-Germain — UEFA Women’s Champions League Livestream | April 24, 2022

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28 respuestas a «Lyon vs. PSG | UEFA Women’s Champions League Semi-final First Leg Full Match»

The commentators say that the first goal of Katoto was too easy from defending point of view, that Renard left her pass too easy. The fact is that katoto did an unpredictable move there and Renard was caught by surprise. It was so unique individual brilliance that Edler conceded this goal from her cover corner. Maybe it was luck, yes, but in football luck and the ability to do something like this coexist.



J'y était hier c'était incrr merci au Bad gones d'avoir mis l'ambiance aussi ❤️💙🦁

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Katoto descobriu na primeira parte o buraco da agulha. Grande golo com uma grande finta a Renard! A guarda redes do PSG sabe bem ser trapalhona, a deixar entrar a bola daquela maneira aos 50 minutos de jogo. Deu um bom grito a seguir. O Lyon foi superior, está na final. 🤮🤬

Condolences for Lyon's third goal due to the negligence of the PSG goalkeeper with his defenders. And about this match I saw it was normal compared to when the Barcelona angels played. Just look at the number of Barca fans breaking the world record and it's amazing isn't it??😱 Only Barca have great fans in the world.. Turin, Italy will probably witness Lyon being massacred by the angels of barca although I don't want to fight Lyon in the final. Barca will be easier to crush PSG than Lyonnais. For the second game I hope PSG beat Lyon by two goals. Vamos Barca💙❤ Lieke Martens get will soon my hero.

I'm a fan of the classic Lyon x PSG, I watch everyone. But this is especially a very bad match. Both teams did not get well for this duel, unfortunately, which is worrying from the point of view of planning for the season, since the expected was that they arrived well at the end of the season. The game that made a few months ago by the French Cup was a very superior quality.

Today's game gave an improved only after 70 minutes. I hope the game back will give you confidence and sense of urgency, because capable of these women are to make a great game. There are two of the three best teams in the world, and need to prove it.

These BRITISH commentators sit down about the WSL. The “most competitive” league every broadcast. Tell them about math Chelsea and Arsenal winning 9-0, 7-0 and 5-0 is not competitive. Give it up they’re not in semis

Lyon es mucho equipo para su pobre afición. El estadio debió estar lleno como reconocimiento a la potencia que son a nivel mundial. El Barsamoda, Farsa o como le quieran llamar sus detractores tiene la mejor afición, absolutamente la mejor: 91,648 🙌

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