Hoffenheim vs. Arsenal | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 6 Full Match


Hoffenheim vs. Arsenal — UEFA Women’s Champions League Full Match | December 15, 2021

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15 respuestas a «Hoffenheim vs. Arsenal | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 6 Full Match»

Not surprising. I dont think it's embarassing for Arsenal as Hoffenheim is top 3 team in Frauen Bundesliga which is best league in Europe. They beat both Bayern and Wolfsburg. There just 4 pts separate 1st and 4th in the Frauen Bundesliga. and just 5 pts 1st and 5th. it's most competitive woso league right now in Europe.

@DAZN please delete this horror show of a game from youtube. The absolute carnage and destruction shown in this video is definitely against Youtube policy.

Why I feel like Viv Miedema is having Aubameyang's syndrome lately? She is not like she was last season. Really dropped in her performance. Barely to score goal in every game. This season, we depend more on Beth Mead. When she is not perform well, we don't have alternative upfront to score goals and it already shown in the last 3-4 games after the FA Cup final.

I don't understand why we play S.Catley as a CB again after we were terrible in the air on every crosses during Barcelona games when we have Moy, Schnaderbeck and Sorensen on the bench? And Beattie … I can't remember when was the last time she played well for us. Stop giving excuse we missing of Leah Williamson. We have another 4 defenders. If we can't use any of these defenders, might as well, we sell them all next season and get a proper CB. How many days our players have not been eating? Very weak, slow and lazy.

😂😂 Fc Femeni barcelona humiliated Arsenal twice, Chelsea still recovering.. this is why theres women champions league to show who is the better team, soo.. stop saying english women football are better than other womens football. It shows how weak english football team are. 😂

Played Arsenal off the Park, just like Chelsea did in that FA Cup Final. How on earth are Arsenal top of the WSL?!

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