Bristol – Europe’s Biggest Footballing Loser

When it comes to football, it is usually a good thing to stand out as a club – except when you’re one of the Bristol football clubs and stand out for performing so badly. Indeed, Bristol Rovers and Bristol City football clubs have become something of a joke among those who follow and watch the goings on of football closely. Considering that Bristol is the largest European city that doesn’t have a football team in the national top division, it is pretty apparent that fans of the Bristol football clubs would sincerely like for the tide to turn. But will it? If history is any guide, football clubs experience slumps and comebacks all the time – could Bristol’s rally be right around the corner?

21st Century: Bad Luck For Bristol Rovers?

Although Bristol Rovers FC has been experiencing trouble for quite some time, things really took a turn for the worst with the dawning of the new millennium. At that time, Bristol were relegated into the Third Division. Despite a desperate attempt to find a manager who could snap them out of their slump, the club continued to suffer from a decidedly lackluster performance. Die hard fans of Bristol Rovers, of course, continue to hold out hope that the tide will turn and that their favourite football club will come soaring back into prominence – but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen soon.

Die-Hard Fans Keep The Faith

Despite their difficulties, Bristol’s football clubs still enjoy a very passionate fan base. As such, Bristol hotels do book up regularly whenever a major match is on. Despite the problems that the Rovers seem to face, there is no question that a fun time is had by all at their games. Similarly, Bristol City FC regularly has games where the city packs out for the day. In some ways, it seems that people are rooting on both teams in the hopes that they will suddenly snap out of their rut and bring Bristol to prominence in the world of football.

A Brighter Future?

The old saying says «What goes up must come down,» but is the reverse also true? If so, then Bristol’s football clubs might see a resurgence at some point. By staying at Bristol hotels, you can get in on the action and might even be present to see a turning point for one of these teams. Choose a team and make a point of booking a hotel Bristol so that you can enjoy the game live in person. You’ll see for yourself that with their passionate fans, Bristol’s football teams have plenty of people cheering them on and hoping for a brighter future.

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