The UEFA Women's Champions League Will Be Back 🔜

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17 respuestas a «The UEFA Women's Champions League Will Be Back 🔜»

🏆 سيدات برشلونة هذا الموسم في الأبطال
🏟 6 مباراة
✅ 6 فوز
⚽️ 24 هدف
💥 1 استقبلن

🔙 Fc Barcelona Femení
🏟 6 Matches
✅ 6 Wins
⚽️ 24 Goals Scored
💥 1 Goals conceded
🏆 UEFA Women's Champions League

This season's coverage has been working out beautifully. Not that there aren't things to improve (English coverage of MD5 Arsenal-Barca comes to mind—since this is a global coverage, you can't assume everyone watching the English coverage is automatically rooting for the English club!), but given the context, you guys did a wonderful job. Congrats and thanks!

Can't wait! This season has been amazing! Thanks to DAZN for giving us access to the matches and great content. Thanks to the ladies for giving us high quality games. Women's football has a very bright future and we will be here to support it constantly! Let's go! #COYG